Community Centre Trustees

The trust deed, the governing document for the Community centre states that the committee shall consist of six elected members and thirteen representative members and may include not more than four co-opted members. (Members = Trustees).

If you would like more information about becoming a trustee or wish to contact one of the members listed below – please email

We are looking for interested parties to organise fund raising events , there is much work to be done at the centre, now 50 years old, to bring it up to date and make much needed improvements to benefit the community. Interested? – please email

The current trustees are :-

Mary Gibson Chair (Elected Trustee) (Representative of Friends of St Peter’s) – Mary moved to Thornton 10 years ago and, although retired from full-time work, is actively involved in village life in a variety of ways. She produces the Junction 22 Village Link Magazine, is an active member and Chair of Friends of St Peter’s Church, and is one of two Safeguarding Coordinators for the Benefice of Markfield, Thornton, Bagworth and Stanton under Bardon with Copt Oak. She has also been a Trustee of Thornton Community Centre for the last 9 years and has recently taken on the role of Acting Chair pending the election of a new Chair at the next AGM. In her spare time she enjoys walking, reading, music and socialising with friends and family.

Andy Dobrowolski Treasurer (Elected trustee) – Tadeusz Dobrowolski, better known as Andy, joined the Trustees in 2002 as a representative of Markfield and Thornton Theatre Group. He soon took on the position of Trustee Secretary and after a few years became the Treasurer, a position he still holds. Although, Andy is not a resident of Thornton, he has spent most of his lifetime involved in village activities, playing football and cricket for the village and becoming one of the cub leaders of the Thornton Cub pack. Whilst a Trustee, Andy has always involved himself in fund raising activities, such as coordinating a number of annual village Carnivals.

Muriel Walker(Elected trustee) – retired as bookings officer at the AGM 19th May 2022. Muriel and her husband John have been the mainstays of the Community Centre for many years, and live nearby in Merrylees. Muriel has also been heavily involved in the local theatre group, writing, directing and starring in many of their plays.

John Walker(Elected trustee) and former chairman – stepped down as trustee (after many years service to the community) at the AGM 19th May 2022

Lyn Branston(Representative of the Brownies)

Maureen Shaw(Representative of the Yoga group) – has lived in the village for many years and retired a couple of years ago as the village postie.

Paul Muller(Representative of the Markfield & Thornton theatre group) – Paul is responsible for the stage lighting and sound FX for MTTG. He has lived in the village since 2014, has been a trustee since 2018 and brings a practical viewpoint to the aspects of running the community centre. When not at work or in the garden, he likes golf and yachting, preferably somewhere warm and sunny! Paul is a Chartered Electronic Engineer working in the aerospace industry.

Coral Booth(Representative of the Play group)

Gill Tapping(Elected trustee) – Gill came to live in the village in 2014 and shortly afterwards became a trustee of the community centre. Gill is a keen ‘rambler’ (the walking type) and photographer. Many of her photographs are shown throughout this website and 5 of them have been made into canvases which are displayed in the centre meeting room. Gill built and maintains the village website and is the principal fund raiser and event organiser for the centre.

Chris Fitch(Elected trustee) became a trustee at the AGM 19th May 2022. Chris runs the Karate group which meets on a Thursday evening at the Community Centre.

Iris Gleeson(Elected trustee) came to live in the village in 1967. In 1969 there was a public meeting about the necessity of a Community centre in the village. Iris became a committee member and has remained a trustee since June 1969. Iris was one of the chief fund raisers that enabled the hall to be built in 1972 and continued to raise funds and organise events to keep the hall running. Iris no longer takes an active role in community centre matters but is regarded as an honorary trustee for her dedicated involvement in the running of the centre over the past 53 years.

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