The Reservoir Inn – Main Street, Thornton

The Reservoir Inn at Thornton has remained empty and unloved since there was a small fire in the kitchen in September 2018.

During the second week of January 2022, the car park was boarded up as work commenced on building flats at the historic old pub.

The building has been an important part of the village for over a hundred years.

Steeped in history; the Reservoir Inn was formerly known as the Bulls Head and was originally a slaughter house. It later became known as the Tipsy Fisherman, a reference the locals believe, to the anglers on Thornton reservoir. In 2010 it was ‘re-branded’ again to the Steam Trumpet; its name derived from a steam locomotive accident that occurred in Thornton in 1883, which lead to the invention of the steam whistle by George Stephenson. By 2013 the pub had been sold again and became known as the Reservoir Inn.

A planning application for housing having originally been rejected has now been approved by the local authority.

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