Friends of St Peters

‘Friends of St Peters’ organises events to support the maintenance, restoration and improvement of this historic church building.

The Friends of St. Peter’s organisation, formed in 1995, works tirelessly to fund projects to maintain and improve the building. Its membership is drawn both from within the congregation and from the wider community and is supported by many of the villagers of Thornton. 

The ‘Friends of St. Peter’s’ was formed in 1995 by two parishioners in this rural village in Leicestershire  – Kathryn & Shirley – after they had attempted to clean-up the mess the pigeons had made in the ‘Tower’.  They realized that St. Peter’s needed help that could not be provided in the foreseeable future because of financial restrictions.

Today, over 25 years later, the organization is thriving and has over the years provided over £40,000 funding for many projects  that  just would not have otherwise been achieved. 

 Projects that the The Friends of St Peter’s have financed have included the installation of water to the church and the construction of  toilet and kitchen facilities.  The ‘Friends’ have also funded – with the help of grants – the installation of a new heating system and in 2019 supported the installation of three extra bells in the bell tower.

There are two ways you can help; firstly by attending one of our fun and varied village  events. 

In addition, you could become a  ‘Friend’. Subscriptions are just £5 per person per year.

The Friends is a purely voluntary organisation and is recognised as charitable by HMRC for tax purposes. To find out more or inquire about becoming a Friend.

A list of  fund raising events organised by ‘the friends’ can be found on the website

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