The National Forest Trek

Friday 17th – Sunday 19th September

The National Forest Trek is a one, two, or three-day charity challenge walk, across the 12 stages and 75 miles of the National Forest Way.

Participants can choose between raising money for the three founding charities, or for a charity of their choice for a cause close to them.

Alternatively, the event is also open to those who would prefer to fund their own entry.

If you are a charity interested in getting involved in the event, please contact us on to find out more.


As the walk progresses from Beacon hill and leaves Bradgate Park, the next section of the Trek takes you out of the ancient Forest of Charnwood and towards one of the largest continuous tracts of woodland in The National Forest. The route takes you through Martinshaw Wood, where coniferous woodland is being replaced with native species, and on through a variety of young and mature woodlands.

From the wonder of woodland to the serenity of water and, more specifically, Thornton Reservoir. This attractive and tranquil expanse of water is a delightful spot to pause along the route of the Trek. Make a point to return and if you chose to take the three-mile surfaced path around the reservoir, don’t miss the sculpture trail hidden amongst the mature woodland.

The ‘trekkers’ will take refreshments at Thornton Community Centre

Thornton Community Centre

We Need You

After a long sleep Thornton’s community centre is gradually waking up to life post Covid.

We are now open for business as usual.

The hall is a wonderful resource in the village and welcomes, residents and visitors alike.

The hall must certainly take the prize for the best view in the county, looking out across Thornton reservoir and the National Forest.

An ideal venue for many different events including wedding receptions, corporate days. business and group meetings, concerts, quiz nights and much more.

The community centre also benefits from a separate Sports Hall – where there are facilities to play badminton, table tennis, basketball, five a side football and more.

However, the hall is fast approaching it’s fiftieth birthday.

Residents got together in 1972 to fund raise for the hall and by 1973 the hall was built and being managed by a group of trustees.

The trustees were able to meet in July for the first time in many months and take stock of the ravages of time upon the hall.

It is apparent that much work is needed on the old hall to move it firmly into the twenty-first century and make it fit for purpose.

We have a long list of essential works that need to be carried out at the hall.

Urgent roof repairs. Extensive work required on the entrance borders. New toilets. Drain inspection. A decking area built at the rear of the hall. Hearing loop fitted throughout. Carpark extended. New kitchen floor. Re-decoration throughout. New furniture. New curtains. Screen and projector. Plus, so much more.

Several quotes have already been obtained for some of the works and it is already apparent that we will need approximately £100,000 to do all the works necessary.

We are asking the community and local businesses if they can help us raise the money necessary to carry out the works involved, by fund raising, donations (money, time, goods), offering grants or simply hiring the hall.

If you think you can help – please contact us through email address   –


It’s very upsetting when  monuments in the churchyard for village people who have died are damaged. Sadly this is what has happened this evening, 26th July in St Peter’s churchyard around  6 to 6.30 pm.

A youth seemingly took pot shots at some of the monuments on the south side of the public footpath by throwing granite rocks at them. The top of one monument, an urn dedicated to Arthur Hurd, has been broken into several pieces, and another dedicated to Thomas and Lucy Ellen Smith is slightly damaged.  

If any one has any information or CCTV footage please contact or Leicestershire police, incident number 51826721


A huge thank you to everyone in Thornton who helped to raise the wonderful total of £648.44 for Christian Aid this year.

Well done to everyone, especially to the 8 folk who delivered the envelopes, the drop off points and the  treasurers for this event. 

We are so privileged to live in this country where we have water, energy supplies, and sewage disposal so readily available.

It is great to be able to help in some small way those who are so less fortunate than us.