Markfield and Thornton Theatre Group

Known as MTTG, it is an amateur dramatics society based at the Thornton Community Centre, where they meet regularly for rehearsals and performances.

There is an annual pantomime during January and usually two further productions during the year; in the spring and early autumn.

Interested in amateur dramatics?
Contact: Muriel Walker on 01455 822148 or email

The next show is:
‘Caught in the Net’   A comedy play by Ray Cooney.
Wednesday May 8th until Saturday May 11th 2019 at 7.30pm.


“CAUGHT IN THE NET” by Ray Cooney. May 7th to 11th 2019

This time last year I directed Ray Cooney’s “Run For Your Wife” for MTTG. Although it is an improbable and often ridiculous story concerning a taxi driver with two wives and two lives, it proved to be a fun-filled production and a  very happy experience, for both actors and audiences.                                                         Cooney, the “Master of Farce”, believes that  farce probably has more in common with tragedy than it has with comedy. Comedy is frequently about an eccentric person in an everyday situation: whereas farce (and tragedy) usually involves ordinary people attempting to deal with an eccentric situation. There can be few situations more eccentric than that faced by hapless taxi-driver John Smith when circumstances conspire to jeopardise his double life. Cooney’s larger-than life characters, clever and quick-witted dialogue and a complete orgy of door-slamming had our audiences rolling with laughter!

A year on, and I realised that, as the four main protagonists in “Run For Your Wife” were willing to be involved,  the opportunity presented itself for me to direct the sequel…”Caught in the Net”.

Eighteen years have passed.. and John Smith’s secret is till safe. The bigamist taxi driver no longer has to use a home phone to call wife Barbara in Streatham, where she lives with teenage son Gavin,  and wife Mary in Wimbledon who has a teenage daughter, Vicki; he can do all his double dealing more privately on the mobile. However,  if you think that your life is stressful, imagine the reaction of John Smith when the computer-literate Gavin and Vicki accidentally make contact via a chat room and plan to meet – they have so much in common! What if they embark upon a relationship?  The result is confusion, lying, and all sorts of craziness.

So, returning to the stage will be Keith Barnes, (as John Smith), Charlotte Parish and Julie Marlow as his two “wives” and Wayne Roberts as not-so-bright lodger Stanley Gardiner.

Grace Hill is to play Vicki Smith, and newcomer Oliver Snookes is cast in the role of Gavin Smith. The cast is completed by Roderick Lay, who plays Stanley’s  confused Dad who thinks one of Smith’s homes is a hotel where he’s been taken for a holiday. Where’s the beach?

Do come along to support the Group and enjoy a night of fun and laughter.

Your interest will be much appreciated.

Muriel Walker (Director) 

P.S. If you want to find out more about our Group then visit our Facebook page (MTTG The Markfield and Thornton Theatre Group) where you can see lots of photo’s of our previous productions and see the range of dramatic presentations on offer in our village!