Easter Trail

Don’t forget the Easter Egg Trail in St Peter’s churchyard from tomorrow until Easter Sunday.

Friends of St Peter’s

‘Friends of St Peters’ organises fund raising events to support the maintenance, restoration and improvement of St Peter’s church, Thornton. An historic, grade one listed church building.

St Peter’s church Thornton – copyright Gillatphotography

The Friends of St. Peter’s organisation, formed in 1995, works tirelessly to fund projects to maintain and improve the building. Its membership is drawn both from within the congregation and from the wider community and is supported by many of the villagers of Thornton. 

Look out for the many forthcoming fund raising events planned in the village this year, which include St Georges Day Celebrations on 26th April, Platinum Jubilee celebrations 6th June, Quiz night 9th July, Open Gardens on 10th July, Scarecrow Festival and last night of the Proms 10th September, Craft Fayre on 19th November and a Christmas tree Festival in December.

If you are interested in the St George’s Day celebration don’t leave it too long to book, tickets are limited. Contact Eric Roberts to secure your place.

If you would like to support the valuable work the ‘friends’ do for our wonderful church then please consider becoming a ‘friend’ yourself by donating £5 a year to this very worthy cause.

Complete the attached form and send a cheque or cash for your subscription to the address on the form.

If you would like to offer assistance or be involved in any way with any of these events or would like more information please contact Churchwarden: Shirley Garlick – churchwarden.thornton@gmail.com or phone 01530230422 

Markfield & Thornton theatre group

Markfield & Thornton Theatre Group are entertaining us again with “Surprise Package” a comedy set in Spain in the 70’s involving two unsuspecting British families.

Tickets only £5 each, four performances from the 27th April to the 30th.

Email emilygmarlow981@gmail.com for tickets.

Guaranteed a laugh and a good night out.

April’s Nature notes

See the Nature notes page for the latest update on our residents and visitors to Thornton reservoir by Andy Smith.

Our most colourful visitor the Mandarin is back and busy making friends.

Mandarin – Thornton reservoir – copyright Gillatphotography

Thornton village – Cryptic quiz

Thank you to everyone who took part in the cryptic quiz on Towns and Cities, monies raised have been donated to the Friends of St Peter’s towards the upkeep of our beautiful village church.

Hopefully there will be another quiz soon.

The winner of the £10 prize was Andy Wilson.

The questions and answers are below

  1. A knitted sweater (8) Cardigan
  2. A game for 15, 13 or 7 (5) Rugby
  3. Writing paper for 007 (8,4) Basildon Bond
  4. Mad (7) Barking
  5. ‘And them good ole boys were drinking whisky and’ (3) Rye
  6. Five-star hotel (3,10) The Dorchester
  7. Desperate for this if caught short (4) Looe
  8. Museum ship (3,7) HMS Belfast
  9. A world snooker champion (4,5) Mark Selby
  10. Resolve or reach agreement (6) Settle
  11. Where the girls are so pretty (6) Dublin
  12. Framework of a ship (4) Hull
  13. Known for leaning on ‘lamp posts’ (6,6) George Formby
  14. People who work together (5)    Crewe
  15. Small area of still water (5)    Poole
  16. Sailed single handed around the world (3, 7, 10)   Sir Francis Chichester
  17. Currency of the north (8)   Stirling
  18. Song by the New Vaudeville band (10, 9)   Winchester Cathedral
  19. 1066 and all that (6,2 8)   Battle of Hastings
  20. Time for a wash (4)   Bath
  21. SW1A 1AA (10, 6)   Buckingham Palace
  22. President dressed in green (7)   Lincoln
  23. Lady Penelope, model and photographer (5, 9)   Penny Lancaster
  24. Getting information from books (7)   Reading
  25. Crown or donkey? (5)   Derby
  26. Bovine crossing (6)   Oxford
  27. 1773 home of the ‘tea party’ (6)   Boston
  28. Mary Berry does this (8)    Bakewell
  29. Hide underground (4)      Bury
  30. Book by George Orwell (3, 4, 2, 5, 4)   The Road to Wigan Pier
  31. A cob or pen by the beach (7)     Swansea
  32. Home of Lady Godiva (8)     Coventry
  33. Confectionery favoured by mountaineers (6, 4, 4) Kendal Mint cake
  34. The ‘kingmaker’ (4, 2, 7)     Earl of Warwick
  35. He had 10,000 men (5, 3, 4, 2, 4)    Grand old Duke of York
  36. Dirty water by the tower (9)    Blackpool
  37. A regiment of the British army (10, 6)    Coldstream Guards
  38. Rock band of the 60’s, known for their instrumental ‘albatross’ (9, 3) Fleetwood Mac
  39. For control or restraint of animals (5)    Leeds
  40. On the carpet (9)     Axminster
  41. Rich fruit cake (6)    Dundee
  42. ‘In a shower of rain, he stepped in a puddle & never went there again’ (10) Gloucester
  43. ‘How still we see thee lie’ in this tiny Welsh village (9)   Bethlehem
  44. This fashion could be described as ‘ship shape’ (7)     Bristol
  45. Watering holes (5)    Wells
  46. United on a Wednesday (9)     Sheffield
  47. Thomas Anson, photographer (4, 2, 9)    Earl of Lichfield
  48. This bovine can be described as red and white (8)    Hereford
  49. You will find this 1960’s female lead singer was born in Australia (6, 6) Judith Durham
  50. Big ZZZ’s? (5, 7)    Great Snoring