St Peter’s Church – working party – Saturday 25th July

Message from Shirley, the churchwarden

“Hello everyone,

I am hopeful that the weather will be dry this Saturday, 25th July,  so there will be  a working party from 10 until 12 noon.

There are saplings to be cut back, graves to be tidied in the old church yard, fallen branches to collect up, to name a few of the jobs. 

If you would like to join in that would be brilliant, even if its just for part of the time.  Thank you.  Please bring your own tools and a drink.  Sorry, Covid 19 prevents me from providing drinks.  We still  need to keep to all the social distancing rules.

If you know anyone else that would like to join us please let them know and bring them along.

Cancelled of course if its wet”.

St Peter’s church – working party

Do you have a couple of hours to spare this Saturday (11th July) between 10.00 am and noon?

Shirley is organising a working party to tidy up the church yard and is looking for volunteers to help out.

Saplings need cutting back, graves need tidying in the old part of the church yard, fallen branches need removing and paths need to be swept; just a few of the jobs that require attention.

Social distancing and staying safe is a priority, so please bring your own tools and refreshments.

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