St Peter’s church ~ heatwave

In this expected Heat wave

St Peter’s church will be open from around 1 pm until 5  or maybe later if needed on Monday and Tuesday afternoons for folk to enjoy the cool.  This afternoon the church stayed at a steady 20 degrees despite it being 31 degrees outside.

Everyone is welcome, and welcome to bring anything to pass the time, books, games, knitting even comfortable seating! Or just come to explore the church history.

I will be there and will provide drinks – hot and cold, and chocolate biscuits.

There is also an assortment of games in church – chess, scrabble, uno, dominos and packs of cards.

Let’s use this building to bring relief from the heat. 

Shirley, churchwarden.

Thornton – Scarecrow Festival

If you would like to enter you can obtain a form from the Corner shop or print this one off the website.

Completed forms must be returned by Monday 1st August to either Sam Newman, The Corner Shop or the Bricklayers Arms.

For further information :-

Contact Sam on 07525 334535 or Charlotte on 07864 782531

Thornton Open Gardens – 10th July

Thornton residents opened their gardens ‘for real’ this year, after two years of Covid lockdowns when only ‘virtual’ open gardens were available; with residents filming their own gardens and forwarding to organiser, Lis Muller, who then edited, set to music and uploaded to YouTube. A great success, but not as good as the real thing. (See the results below).

There were 14 gardens open for visitors for 5 hours, from 1pm to 6pm on Sunday 10th July.

253 people bought programmes (at a cost of £3 per person) and walked round the village on one of the hottest days of the year, taking refreshments at various stopovers, including in the lovely cool of the church and the village hall, where there was a roaring trade in cream teas.

The amount raised was £1144.54 by the Friends of St Peter’s who fund raise for the maintenance, restoration and improvement of our beautiful historic church.

If you wish to donate to this very worthy cause – then please get in touch and we will tell you how.

The event was considered to be a great social event with many locals getting to know one another on walking around the village.  

The organisers would like to thank local firm, the Garden Design Company for supporting their event

Quiz Night – 9th July

The latest village quiz night at Thornton Community Centre raised £270 to be donated to an exciting new project at St Peter’s Church.

Watch this space for more information.

Quiz night – March 2022

The Royal International Air Tattoo

The Air Tattoo Returns! 

The Royal International Air Tattoo is returning for 2022, better than ever! From 15-17 July, RAF Fairford will be buzzing with 170,000 excited visitors and the Cotswolds will echo once again with the thrilling sights and sounds of several hundred aircraft of all shapes and sizes, from all eras and countries of the world, gathering for this unique adrenalin-fuelled occasion.

Join us for a special celebration to mark the United States Air Force’s 75th Anniversary and help us look to the future with our operational theme ‘Training the Next Generation Air Force’.

What has the show got to do with Thornton you may ask – well read on…

Thornton resident Eve Mills sent the following email with information for inclusion on the village website : –

“My daughter Joanna, will be performing at the Air Show this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I was wondering if a mention could be made on the Village Website. Just so that if any local people are there perhaps they could give her an extra loud cheer when she sings.

Joanna was born in Loughborough and now lives in London after moving there to continue her singing career.  She was the person who found us our lovely Thornton home over 12 years ago and visits regularly.  Loving the peace and quiet as we all do.  It’s her haven from the hectic life in London.

My husband Tim died last October and Joanna lived with us for most of his last 12 months to cheer him and to help care for her beloved ‘Pops’ as he became more poorly, until he passed away at home. With 2 years of lock down and such things as Festival and Air Show cancellations, Joanna is pleased to be able to pick up her career again.

Joanna’s stage name is Bunny Nightingale – more information can be found on Joanna’s website : –

An extra cheer would be appreciated, especially as we’re expecting such hot weather.

Many thanks”

Eve Mills

Bat Walk – St Peter’s church

Late Wednesday evening, on the 7th July, 7 residents from Thornton and 2 from Botcheston, gathered at the lychgate of St Peter’s church, Thornton to meet with bat expert Peter Proudlove from the Leicestershire and Rutland Bat Group to talk about the various bat species that we can expect to find in our area.

After a short talk about the habits and habitats of bats the group set off through the churchyard armed with bat detectors.

Having decided there was little activity in the churchyard the group made their way down to the reservoir for a short walk. Here the group members were treated to an aerial display from many bats, skimming the water in search of food; the bat detectors going into overdrive as the bats chattered away to each other.

Thank you Shirley for organising and providing good weather too.

Copyright – Gillatphotography

If you are interested in attending one of these events then email : –

Each walk is free to bat group members or £3 for non-members.


This Sunday 1-6pm. The weather forecast is good and the gardens are looking stunning. All set for a lovely afternoon.
if you would like to plan your visit ahead, the programmes are already on sale from the Shop and the Nurseries. They will also be available tomorrow from The Brickies (and during the event from the Community Centre, Church, Brickies and participating gardens).
There may be a tennis final going on, of course, but if that threatens to distract you, you can always pick up a programme in advance and plan your visit – do some gardens before the match and some afterwards (that’s the beauty of living in the village concerned)!
And don’t forget the cream teas at the Community centre….mmmm……..