Bat Walk – St Peter’s church

Late Wednesday evening, on the 7th July, 7 residents from Thornton and 2 from Botcheston, gathered at the lychgate of St Peter’s church, Thornton to meet with bat expert Peter Proudlove from the Leicestershire and Rutland Bat Group to talk about the various bat species that we can expect to find in our area.

After a short talk about the habits and habitats of bats the group set off through the churchyard armed with bat detectors.

Having decided there was little activity in the churchyard the group made their way down to the reservoir for a short walk. Here the group members were treated to an aerial display from many bats, skimming the water in search of food; the bat detectors going into overdrive as the bats chattered away to each other.

Thank you Shirley for organising and providing good weather too.

Copyright – Gillatphotography

If you are interested in attending one of these events then email : –

Each walk is free to bat group members or £3 for non-members.

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