Nature Notes

See the latest update by Andy Smith, on the wildlife around Thornton, on the Nature Notes page.

Bluetit – Bagworth Heath – Photograph courtesy Gillatphotography (copyright applies)

The Corner Shop – Thornton

Wishing Raj well after he was taken poorly last week. I believe he is on the mend now,

The residents of Thornton really appreciate his hard work in providing a community service for us and for taking on the role of post master too. We couldn’t do without him especially during these difficult times.

Get well soon Raj.

The shop opening times are slightly amended to the following hours:-

Monday – 7.30am x 6pm

Tuesday – 7.30am x 6pm

Wednesday – 7.30pm x 6pm

Thursday – 7.30pm x 6pm

Friday – 7.30am x 6pm

Saturday – 7.30am x 6pm

Sunday – 8am x 1pm

Warning Issued Following Reports of Telephone Scam Claiming To Be Leics Police

The force is urging people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to remain vigilant and be wary of a telephone scam currently in operation.

Six reports have been received in the past week in which a total of £18,000 has been erroneously handed over.

From enquiries carried out so far, many calls follow the below scenario:

A cold call is made to a victim by someone claiming to work with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) or national insurance and that information is required to be passed on to the police. The call is then ended.

The victim then receives a further call which is shown to be from 0116 222 2222 – which is the main switchboard number for Leicestershire Police. Please note this number is ‘spoofed’ – ie faked. Numbers shown on a caller ID are NOT confirmation or verification of where a call is coming from – the phone is merely displaying what it has been told to say.

A person claiming to be a police officer then speaks to the victim, stating the victim’s details are being used to open a large number of bank accounts. Threatening language may be used and victims have been told they are in trouble and could be arrested or taken to court.
The caller then provides a bank account number and asks the victim to transfer money over for ‘safe keeping’.

Nicole McIntyre, from the force’s Economic Crime Unit, said: “We will never contact you and ask you to transfer funds.

“Should you receive a call from the force phone number where someone asks you to send money, please hang up immediately.

“You can contact us on 101 should you need to clarify the information. Always leave more than ten seconds between hanging up and dialling out to ensure the original call has terminated.

“Please pass this information on to any friends of family members who may not be aware of this scam or who could be particularly vulnerable to the way these criminals operate. If we work together, we can try and prevent more people from falling victim.”

If you are a victim of this scam – or know someone who has been – please contact us on 101. You can also report incidents online by visiting

You should also contact your bank immediately.

You can also make a report to Action Fraud by visiting

If you use Facebook, why not give Leicestershire Police Cyber Aware a follow for warnings regarding scams, fraud and guidance on how to stay safe online.

Sponsored Walk for Thornton Community Centre

Seven year old Thornton resident, Katie Smith has decided she would like to do something for the village during the pandemic, and has chosen to raise money for the Community Centre.

Katie says..

“Lots of things happen at the centre including playgroup that I attended when I was little, as well as a lot of other village events. These things have not been able to happen during the pandemic so I would like to raise as much money as possible to support the centre of our village.

I will try to walk with my mummy and dog from the community centre to Bradgate park and back to the centre which is about 12 miles.

I am hoping to complete the walk in about 2/3 weeks time.

Any help reaching my goal would be very helpful. Thankyou”.

If you would like to sponsor Katie there is a collection tin in the Corner shop together with a sponsorship form.

A huge thank you Katie & Mum from the Trustees for the Community Centre – it is an old building which needs a lot of care and attention – we have urgent, costly roof repairs to consider and there is other much needed work in the pipeline which we have had to put ‘on hold’, so any contribution will be gratefully received..

See the source image

Support for community litter picking – Leics County Council

Local ‘womblers’ do a fantastic job keeping our county clean and tidy LCC are committed to helping them continue to do their work. 

This new scheme offers Leicestershire’s litter picking groups road signs and hi-vis jackets to help keep them safe, and extra-long litter pickers to reach under bushes and hedgerows. 

LCC appreciate the dedication these groups have to keep Leicestershire litter free and protect our environment and are proud to offer them this initiative.  

We can provide ‘womblers’ with the kit below: 

  • Six-foot litter pickers 
  • Hi-vis waistcoats 
  • Easy-to-transport, light-weight fold-up signs – to keep people safe on roadside verges 

How to apply

You can apply by emailing  

Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held virtually in January and February 2021

2021-02-01-draft-btpc-mtg-mins.pdf (

2021-01-11-draft-btpc-mtg-mins.pdf (

2021-01-11-draft-btpc-finance-mtg-mins.pdf (

Local Planning applications

Planning Applications | Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council (

Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton-under-Bardon Neighbourhood Plan

Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton-under-Bardon Neighbourhood Plan | DRAFT NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN (

Thornton Reservoir – Social distancing

Market Bosworth police issued a warning over lack of social distancing and bad parking at Thornton Reservoir over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th February.

Their request for visitors to Thornton Reservoir to stay at home to comply with the coronavirus restrictions went unheeded.

Thornton reservoir has been ‘discovered’ and the chaotic, inconsiderate and dangerous parking is now the norm most days of the week, but especially at weekends, come rain or shine.

The large groups flocking to the reservoir, together with bicycles racing along the tracks, dogs off lead, and the many parking issues on Reservoir Road and throughout the village are ruining this once idyllic haven for local wildlife and making life a misery for the residents.

It is no longer a safe space to visit, and local residents have been forced to leave the village to take their exercise.

Despite numerous representations to the various agencies involved, including Severn Trent, the council, the police, MP, local council, parish council etc. no one will take ownership of the problems and the situation continues to go from bad to worse.

Copyright Gillatphotography
Copyright Gillatphotography
Copyright Gillatphotography
Reservoir Rd, Thornton – Photograph courtesy Gillatphotography (copyright applies)

Hive Counselling for local residents

Support is here

Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton COVID Response Team have partnered up with a local counselling service, Hive Counselling, to offer online counselling for residents to help them cope with the pandemic.

The first three sessions will be funded by the Response Team.

If needed, you can access a further three sessions at a reduced rate of £30 each.

To access the service you must be a resident of one of the three villages.

If you feel this service could be of help to you please contact or 07763 254000 quoting ‘BTS Covid Support’ with your post code and your availability.

One of the counsellors will get in touch to offer you an appointment (or alternative times if the slot you want is not available).

Please get in touch if you are struggling You are not alone.

Nature Notes

Check out Andy Smith’s February update for the wildlife around the reservoir on the ‘Nature Notes’ page, together with more photographs.