The Reservoir Inn (formerly the Tipsy Fisherman) – Thornton

The Parish Council made the following resolution at an Extra Ordinary General Meeting held virtually on Thursday 27th August 2020:

“The Parish Council is supportive of suggested alternative uses of the Reservoir Inn, Thornton as proposed by Cllr. Russell George Seconded by Cllr Steve Malcherczyk and passed unanimously to retain its employment status and heritage value for the community. The Parish Council further agreed to act in the capacity of facilitators to invite seriously planned business proposals.”

As the decision to defer the application to change its current use of a public house to residential until the 29th September 2020 speed is of the essence.

The Parish Council invite all interested parties to contact them as a matter of urgency with serious viable business proposals.

The Parish Council are enthusiastic and supportive to broker a deal satisfying the current owners commercial interests and a sustainable future use benefiting the community.

The Parish Council’s role will be restricted to one of facilitators with no commercial interest and no financial liability.

In the event of a proposal qualifying for grant funding the Parish Council will be supportive along with Borough and County elected representatives.

In the first instance please contact the Parish Council through the Clerk as per our website.



Cllr. Russell George, Chair

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if there was interest in the village to turn the old pub into a community facility and bring it back to its former glory when it was known as the Tipsy Fisherman.

A tea room and delicatessen, with perhaps art work. crafts, books for sale for the villagers and visitors alike to benefit from. A social hub where our more senior citizens could meet during weekdays for a natter over tea and cake, a facility currently lacking in the village. A focal point for visitors at weekends after their stroll around the reservoir. Leicestershire’s many walking clubs and groups would be guaranteed to keep a tea room busy (I know I belong to 3 of them!!).

There may be start up grants available.

£2,250 per calendar month is needed to pay the rent.

St Peter’s Church – working party – Saturday 25th July

Message from Shirley, the churchwarden

“Hello everyone,

I am hopeful that the weather will be dry this Saturday, 25th July,  so there will be  a working party from 10 until 12 noon.

There are saplings to be cut back, graves to be tidied in the old church yard, fallen branches to collect up, to name a few of the jobs. 

If you would like to join in that would be brilliant, even if its just for part of the time.  Thank you.  Please bring your own tools and a drink.  Sorry, Covid 19 prevents me from providing drinks.  We still  need to keep to all the social distancing rules.

If you know anyone else that would like to join us please let them know and bring them along.

Cancelled of course if its wet”.