The Royal International Air Tattoo

The Air Tattoo Returns! 

The Royal International Air Tattoo is returning for 2022, better than ever! From 15-17 July, RAF Fairford will be buzzing with 170,000 excited visitors and the Cotswolds will echo once again with the thrilling sights and sounds of several hundred aircraft of all shapes and sizes, from all eras and countries of the world, gathering for this unique adrenalin-fuelled occasion.

Join us for a special celebration to mark the United States Air Force’s 75th Anniversary and help us look to the future with our operational theme ‘Training the Next Generation Air Force’.

What has the show got to do with Thornton you may ask – well read on…

Thornton resident Eve Mills sent the following email with information for inclusion on the village website : –

“My daughter Joanna, will be performing at the Air Show this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I was wondering if a mention could be made on the Village Website. Just so that if any local people are there perhaps they could give her an extra loud cheer when she sings.

Joanna was born in Loughborough and now lives in London after moving there to continue her singing career.  She was the person who found us our lovely Thornton home over 12 years ago and visits regularly.  Loving the peace and quiet as we all do.  It’s her haven from the hectic life in London.

My husband Tim died last October and Joanna lived with us for most of his last 12 months to cheer him and to help care for her beloved ‘Pops’ as he became more poorly, until he passed away at home. With 2 years of lock down and such things as Festival and Air Show cancellations, Joanna is pleased to be able to pick up her career again.

Joanna’s stage name is Bunny Nightingale – more information can be found on Joanna’s website : –

An extra cheer would be appreciated, especially as we’re expecting such hot weather.

Many thanks”

Eve Mills

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