MESports at Thornton Community Centre

MESports are back at the Community Centre after a long break due to Covid.

ME Sports in the Community (

See their website for more information on what sports are available at the hall.

These are the classes due to start soon in the sports hall – if you would like more information call them on 01530 242 706 or visit them at Innovation House, 232 Leicester Road, Field Head, Markfield, Leicestershire, LE67 9RG. There is an email contact form on their website.

  • Every Tuesday @ 10.15am – 11.00am (another SoccerTots) starting 05/10/21
  • Every Tuesday @ 11.15am – 12.15am (Table Tennis) starting 28/09/21
  • Every Wednesday @ 11.00am – 11.45am (MiniMovers) starting 06/10/21
  • Every Wednesday @ 12.25pm – 1.25pm (Yoga) starting 06/10/21
  • Every Thursday @ 11.45am – 12.30pm (CycleBugs) starting 07/10/21
  • Every Thursday @ 1.00pm – 2.00pm (Multi-Sports MashUp) starting 30/09/21

“ME Sports in the Community host a number of clubs, classes and groups at our centre which are extremely popular and fantastic for the community. The sessions are always well attended and very well run…It is great to see so many young people taking part in sport and there is a huge buzz around the local area that a sporting icon like Matt Elliott is actively involved in our community. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”
Muriel Walker
Trustee at Thornton Community Centre

New J22 Community Worship Service – this Sunday 12th

A modern service of Christian Worship in our Community – Sunday 12th September @ 10.30am @ St Peter’s, Thornton 

Contemporary music, family friendly, refreshments, chat, prayer and support.

First Sunday of the month St Michael’s. Markfield 10.30am ; Second Sunday of the month St Peters, Thornton 1030am ; Third Sunday St Mary’s Stanton 10.30am.

For details contact


Next month J22 Benefice will be launching our new ‘J22 Community Worship Service’, a fresh and interactive modern service in Markfield, Thornton and Stanton under Bardon.
If you are a musician, then get in touch as we look forward to growing the band over the coming months! Contact Revd Andrew on 01530 249746 or

May be an image of 2 people and text that says "ON A MISSION FROM GOD"

Circular Benefice Walk

Saturday, 11th September

If you enjoy walking, why not join us on Saturday, 11th September on a Parish walk of about 8 miles and lots of stiles through beautiful countryside visiting some of our local churches: St Peter’s in Thornton, St Michaels in Markfield, St Marys’ in Stanton, the Quiet Garden at the site of Holy Rood, Bagworth, and Cross Hills Baptist Church.

The walk starts at the Lych-gate at St Peter’s Church in Thornton (LE67 1AA) and heads to Markfield following the Leicestershire Round through Brown’s Wood.  From here our path takes us to Stanton, and then onto Bagworth, and finally back to Thornton through the new woodlands.

We will leave Thornton at 11 am.  You will need to bring drinks and a packed lunch.  Footwear suitable for walking is necessary. If you would like more information or you would like to take part,  please contact William & Shirley on 01530 230422


Those of you who live with seven-year-olds will know that they are very prone to asking unusual questions at odd moments! One such question surprised Matt and Kaylee Smith, of Thornton, when their daughter suddenly asked, “Please can I do a sponsored walk for the Community Centre?”

Mum Kaylee says that she had no idea what out the idea into Katie’s head. “She loves the village, and for, a little girl, is very community-minded, but where this idea came from, we can only wonder!”

Katie already had the suggested route in her head… from the doorstep of Thornton Community Centre to Bradgate Park and back again. Mum and Dad pointed out that it is rather a long walk when you’re only seven, but Katie, who loves the outdoor life, was adamant that she could do it.

So, in April, arrangements were made. As you can imagine, the Thornton Centre Trustees were absolutely delighted to agree to the proposed event. Sponsorship details were clarified and excitement in the Smith household grew daily.

The day, (10th April 2021), dawned drizzly; but, nothing daunted, Kaylee , accompanied by Mum and canine member of the family, Elmo, set off early in the morning. I understand that Katie smiled all the way… striding forth with no complaints and only one stop at Newtown Linford for a well-earned ice-cream.

Katie and Mum Kaylee set out from the Community centre
Katie leaving the reservoir behind
Katie, Kaylee and Elmo reach Bradgate Park.

It was a wonderful effort and Katie raised £500 for the Centre!

We did intend to arrange a “handing over of the cheque” ceremony, so that we could publicly acknowledge this little girl’s generosity. However, Covid restrictions put paid to that.

So, herewith,  the Trustees of Thornton Centre would like to express their gratitude to Katie and her very supportive family, and also to those who sponsored the walk.


Muriel Walker (for the Trustees of Thornton Community Centre)

The National Forest Trek

Friday 17th – Sunday 19th September

The National Forest Trek is a one, two, or three-day charity challenge walk, across the 12 stages and 75 miles of the National Forest Way.

Participants can choose between raising money for the three founding charities, or for a charity of their choice for a cause close to them.

Alternatively, the event is also open to those who would prefer to fund their own entry.

If you are a charity interested in getting involved in the event, please contact us on to find out more.


As the walk progresses from Beacon hill and leaves Bradgate Park, the next section of the Trek takes you out of the ancient Forest of Charnwood and towards one of the largest continuous tracts of woodland in The National Forest. The route takes you through Martinshaw Wood, where coniferous woodland is being replaced with native species, and on through a variety of young and mature woodlands.

From the wonder of woodland to the serenity of water and, more specifically, Thornton Reservoir. This attractive and tranquil expanse of water is a delightful spot to pause along the route of the Trek. Make a point to return and if you chose to take the three-mile surfaced path around the reservoir, don’t miss the sculpture trail hidden amongst the mature woodland.

The ‘trekkers’ will take refreshments at Thornton Community Centre