Christmas Tree Festival – St Peter’s Church, Thornton

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December

“Colours of Christmas”

Following the success of past Christmas Tree Festivals at St Peter’s Church, Thornton, the Friends of St. Peter’s (FOSP), are organising their fourth Christmas Tree Festival at the church. 

It will be open to the public over the weekend of Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December (50p entrance per adult, with refreshments available for a small charge). 

All money raised will go towards the maintenance of this lovely 14th century listed building.

Would you like to bring, decorate and exhibit a tree and be part of this event?   We do hope so! 

There will be prizes in various categories and an impressive and colourful display of trees will make the Carol Service even better than ever.

The theme of the Festival is “Colours of Christmas”, so all you need to do is to take your inspiration and decorate a tree based on topics associated with Christmas colours.

How to enter

If you would like to participate, please let us know by contacting Sue Bakewell on 01530 231625 or email

Mary Gibson by email on, or

Shirley Garlick on 01530 230422 or email,

Entry forms will be available shortly and will be downloadable on this website.

*Please note:  Battery-operated lights only please (no electrical leads/cables).  Trees up to 1m (38”) high will be displayed above floor level on boards, ledges etc: all trees over 1m high will be displayed on the floor.

Day/time to bring your tree to church to decorate

St. Peter’s will be open for preparations on Friday 9th December, 2pm – 7pm for you to bring your tree into the church and decorate it.  

You will be allocated your space on arrival. 

If you need to come outside of those times, please contact Sue Bakewell to arrange a mutually convenient time.

E-mail: or Telephone: 01530 231625

Day/time to take down and remove your tree from St. Peter’s

St. Peter’s will be open on Tuesday 13th December, 2pm – 7pm for you to take down and remove your tree. 

If you need to come outside of those times, please contact Sue.

E-mail: or telephone 01530 231625 to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Alternatively, you may leave your tree in the church for the Christmas services and collect after Christmas – contact details to arrange this are as above.

Hope to see you at the festival.

Shirley Garlick (Church Warden)

St Peter’s Churchyard

Shirley would like to say a big thank you to the 8 people (one from as far away as Countesthorpe) who turned up to help her at St Peter’s today.

Drastic cutting back and removal of the brambles on the left hand side of the churchyard is required to reveal the tree line on the boundary and an embankment of soil needs to be removed/flattened.

The youngest helper was 69 years old, so we all had to pace ourselves, knowing that the nearest defibrillator was at the pub!

But 2 hours of hard labour achieved an amazing amount of satisfaction with most of the area cleared.

But there is still much more to do and any help would be gratefully received.

We all said who needs to go to the gym when you can get a good ‘work out’ clearing the hedgerows and getting them back into order – and it’s free!

If you would like to help and/or you have access to any machinery that would make the task easier then please get in touch with Shirley the Churchwarden.

Email: –

Six of the working party – L to R – Anne, Shirley, Sue, William, Sandy and Richard. Copyright Gillatphotography

Thornton Tea with a Twist

Just a reminder that tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) is the third of our Thornton Tea with a Twist afternoons.

2 until 4 pm

Scones, jam and cream, biscuits, gluten free biscuits, tea, coffee squash.

Games, jigsaws, recycle table and books. Jigsaw library!

Hope you can join us for the afternoon.

If you need a lift, please do let us know.

If you are able to help, do let me know.

Thanks. Shirley.

Funeral of Mr George Lee

Mr George Lee’s funeral will take place on Thursday, 13th October at St Peter’s Church, Thornton at 12.30 pm.

George, who passed away aged 99 on 26th September, was a WW2 veteran and had lived in the village for 71 years.

The family will leave 49 Main Street, Thornton at 12.15 and walk to church following the hearse.

It’s an opportunity for people to pay their respects to this true gentleman.

Everyone is also very welcome to attend the funeral.

Shirley Garlick (Churchwarden)

Working Party – St Peter’s Church – Saturday 15th October

Hi Thornton workers!

I am planning the next churchyard working party this Saturday, 15th October form 10 until 12 noon.

We need to reclaim part of the new churchyard which is overgrown with brambles, scrubby trees and a soil bank.  We won’t complete the job in one morning but if we could make a start that would be great.

If you can join us for even a short time – thank you.  It would be great if you could let others know in case they can join us.

Please bring any tools you think would be useful, stout gloves and a drink.

Shirley (Churchwarden)

St Peter’s churchyard

For those who have walked through the churchyard and marvelled at the magnificent fungus growing around the beech trees – here are the facts about this particular fungus.

It has been identified as Meripilus giganteus This tree fungi is found mostly on beech trees in the UK, and sometimes on other broadleaved trees.
It affects the main root structure of the trees making them brittle and liable to fracture, both along and across the grain of the tree.

The fungi have many layers varying in size from about 100-200mm across, which grow from a fungal mass. This fungal mass is the area which is usually connected to the tree by either sitting in the tree’s buttresses or sometimes on top of the soil which is above the roots, this can be found up to several metres aways from the tree.

These fungi can be found growing up to the size of 1 metre across in the correct conditions.
You can gently squeeze these fungi on the underneath and after 15-20 minutes it should come up with a bruising affect. This is another sign to tell whether it is a correct identification.

Looking for signs without the fungi being there isn’t easy. The crown isn’t a reliable source of whether to find it as many trees with these fungi have had a full dense foliage in the crown and have still uprooted, others have died standing. It’s also hard to tell the condition of the tree’s roots as sometimes the fungi are confined to the deeper root system.

These fungi are devasting the trees in St Peter’s churchyard and it costs thousands for the trees to be taken down, which they have to be on safety grounds.

Copyright – Gillatphotography
This tree was taken down earlier this year. Copyright – Gillatphotography

September – Scarecrow Festival

Sam Newman and her team raised a total of £919.50 over the two days of the Scarecrow festival in September and have very kindly donated the monies as follows :- 

Thornton Community Centre – £384.75 

Friends of St Peter’s – £384.75

Queens charity : the British horse society – £150

A fabulous amount raised for three worthy causes, the two main beneficiaries have much work in hand with ongoing improvements at the hall and the church and this will be a valuable contribution to the work.

Thanks to everyone involved in bringing some cheer at an otherwise very sad time, whilst we mourned the passing of our beloved Queen.

Help required at St Peter’s Church – Saturday 1st October

A small bank of soil outside  the east end of the church needs to be moved.

It needs to be dug out and barrowed to other areas in the church yard and then raked smooth.

If you are able to help. even for a short length of time this Saturday that would be great.

Start at 10.30 am.  If you could bring a spade or a rake even better.

Do bring gloves.

Thanks loads


Shirley (Churchwarden)

St Peter’s Church – Copyright Gillatphotography

Thornton Tea with a Twist – 28th Sept

Thornton Tea with a Twist

Just a reminder that tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) is the second of our Thornton Tea with a Twist afternoons.

2 until 4 pm

Scones, jam and cream, biscuits, gluten free biscuits, tea, coffee squash.

Games, jigsaws, recycle table and books

Hope you can join us for the afternoon.

If you need a lift, please do let us know.