Thornton Community Development Project

As part of the Thornton Community Development Project we will be looking to undertake a Community Survey in Thornton village in the New Year with a focus on community issues and opportunities to help identify what people in Thornton consider to be their collective assets and strengths and the things that they would like to see happen, or changed, in their community.  The results of this Survey could provide valuable evidence to help to direct future support for Thornton and assist local organisations with future funding applications etc.

During November I will be producing a first draft of the Survey and plan to send this to a number of local organisations and partners, to gain any initial feedback in order to help with its development.

If in the meantime you having any questions regarding the Survey, or have any particular thoughts on how the Community Survey may be of benefit, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The Thornton Community Development Project aims to:

-engage local people, organisations and service providers across Thornton in a community led process

-build on current facilities and services, or the lack of them, especially for children and young people

-build stronger connections between people and organisations

-identify issues and assets within or having an impact on Thornton

-help the community to take collective action to tackle issues to improve their area

-to work with key service providers to better target their resources in Thornton

John Preston​ Neighbourhood Planning Officer Email: RCC Unit S09, The Atkins, Lower Bond St, Hinckley,  LE10 1QU

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