Thornton W.I.


On Thursday , 9th January, we will be meeting in Thornton Community Centre at 2.00 p.m.  to be entertained and, possibly, quite shocked!

Jo Golby will speak on the subject “The Price of Vanity”. Jo, much in demand as a speaker and a guide at Warwick Castle, has a wealth of knowledge which she shares in a lively, interesting and informative way. An unappreciated cost of vanity is that maintaining a desired social image can lead us to do things which bring us harm! For example, in the past, it was not uncommon for a rich lady to have a couple of ribs removed in order to attain the desired eighteen-inch waist! I’m sure that we will be scandalised by some of Jo’s revelations and amused by others!

From 2020, we are going to meet in the afternoon, instead of in the evening. We hope that this new timing may be more convenient to anyone interested in joining us. There will no longer be any need to drive home on dark nights! Also, by starting our meetings at 2.00 p.m., we will easily accommodate those who have to collect children from school at the end of the afternoon.

The WI was first established in the UK in 1915, to educate rural women, and to encourage countrywomen to get involved in growing and preserving food to help to increase the supply of food to the war-torn nation.  

Much has changed since then, and it’s no longer all “Jam and Jerusalem”! But education and the sharing of skills have always been at the heart of the organisation, and this remains true today. Women join  to meet new friends, to play a part in their communities, and to make a difference on matters that are important to them now.

The WI celebrated its centenary in 2015 and currently has almost 220,000 members in approximately 6,300 WI’s. So, we do have a powerful voice!

If you would like to come along to any of our meetings, then please do! We always meet on the second Thursday in each month, (except for in August), and have a full and varied programme planned for 2020.

I am reminded of the old adage, “If you never try, you’ll never know!” So why not treat yourself to an afternoon out in good company?  You will be made very welcome. We do have our serious side, but there’s also laughter and fun to be had. Come and see!

There is a Visitor’s Fee of £3.

Muriel Walker (Thornton WI’s President)

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