Fashion Show – Thornton Community Centre

Wow … what a success.

The Thornton Community centre events committee, led by Helen Robinson, brought their first charity fashion show to the village on Thursday 27th February. It was a sell out with 90 tickets sold. Ladies packed into the hall in anticipation of bagging some High Street bargains, which at the end of the night many did. Very grateful thanks to the 9 ‘volunteer’ models for making it such a fun, successful evening. Light refreshments were served before the start of the fashion parade and thanks go to Jo, Mary, Claire and Lis for their tireless work in the kitchen on the door, and selling raffle tickets.

After expenses for advertising and refreshments, £500 profit was made to add to the Community Centre funds for use towards refurbishment and new equipment at our old hall.

An email of appreciation from one of our models ……… reflects the fun nature of the evening, all the models were really good sports.

Hello All, What a fantastic evening it was. The best group of girls I could have wished for, it was absolutely so much fun from the start to the end. I’m still laughing at the dress that didn’t zip up but worn so well with a jacket over the top. The camel leggings that got to the knees. Everybody’s nerves and how we all laughed through it. I laughed so much and if we managed to help raise funds then I’d call that a very good evening all round. Love to stay in touch with everyone and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again with these lovely ladies. We could be the touring models 😂😂 Thanks again Sarah. Aka go… Go  just GO 😂😂

Watch this space I am sure there will be another one – SOS Charity Fashion Shows would love to come back – they too made a very healthy profit!

SOS Charity Fashion Show – Thornton Community Centre – 27.02.20

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