Thornton Community Centre – Activities suspended

The following Groups will not be meeting at Thornton Community Centre for the foreseeable future:-

Brownies, Yoga, MTTG, WI, Trustees.

In addition, Cookery and Craft, Kurling and the Art Classes have made the same decision.

The Dance Class on Thursdays, is hoping to continue to meet.

The Neighbourhood Plan Public Consultation on 28th March,The MTTG April /May Production,Mary Pratt’s Concert on 9th May – have all been cancelled.

MESports will continue to meet on Saturday mornings, and in addition, (as a temporary measure, because South Charnwood High School , although staying open has cancelled all bookings) will move their Wednesday Class (5-6) to the Centre.

The situation nationally will change from day to day, and we will, of course, have to deal with any restrictions that apply to the Centre directly.

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