St Peter’s apologises to those who receive the VILLAGE LINK church magazine that there is no hard copy of the magazine being delivered this month (for obvious reasons!) HOWEVER there is a downloadable version for anyone who would like to read it, on the church website

Thank you Mary Gibson for producing this month’s Junction 22 Church Magazine.

Geoff, who usually organises the distribution of the hard copy magazines to local deliverers, has asked me to assure those who regularly subscribe to the Junction 22 Magazine in Thornton, Bagworth, Stanton under Bardon, Markfield and Copt Oak that your £5 subscription for 2020 will eventually provide you with ten hard copies of the magazine, as your subscription will be extended into 2021 and there will be a reduced subscription fee for the rest of next year. Thank you to those who usually deliver magazines. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we need your help again.

ps Please note the pdf is as would have been produced for printing. If just reading online the pages will be out of order (but manageable, once you realise). It is probably best to print it off!

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