Are you working hard in your garden?

Most of us are spending more time in our gardens this year and many of us are rather pleased with how they are looking! What a shame that those in Thornton will not be able to be opened this year for the Open Gardens that was planned for June!

As we will not be able to go and visit our neighbours’ gardens, I thought that it would be a nice idea to put together a short film of ‘Gardens in Thornton’ to share with fellow villagers. This would be made up of photos or short videos and would be available on the village facebook page and village websites for us all to share and enjoy (possibly via Youtube).

To take part:
● use your phone or camera to take photos, a video or a combination.
● Please take them in landscape, rather than portrait if possible.
● Videos should aim to be up to one minute in length. Longer videos (absolute max of 3 minutes please) can be sent in but it is possible that I may need to edit them down to one minute, depending on response.
● If sending only photos, please send a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12
● You may appear in your photo/video if you wish but the aim is to show the beauty and diversity of the gardens.
● I will not attach any precise addresses or surnames, but would ideally like to use first names of those whose gardens they are, and possibly the road you live in. Please let me know which you would prefer and make clear if you wish to be totally anonymous.
● If you wish to take part, please let me know at
● Photos can be sent to the same e-mail address (max e-mail size 12MB please)
● For multiple photos or for videos, please e-mail me first so we can arrange how they can be sent to me; or share with me on Onedrive, Dropbox or some other cloud method!
● Please let me have your photos or videos by 20th June

…and don’t forget to put a date in your diary to take part in next year’s Open Gardens event, organised by the Friends of St Peter’s Church, which is likely to be on June 19 2021. Thanks, Lis Muller

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