Charnwood Forest – Webinar – 10am Wednesday 10th June

A lottery grant of nearly £3,000,000 has been awarded to Charnwood Forest Regional Park to enhance and protect Charnwood Forest.

The park committee has organised a webinar to share information about the internationally important geology.

Charnwood has some of the most significant geology in Britain and indeed the world; from incredible fossils of some of the first animals, to amazing ancient volcanoes that continue to shape the landscape today.

The region’s exceptional geological heritage prompts a question: what more should be done to celebrate, promote, and protect this unique resource?

It is the underlying geology that has left us the wonderful locations that make up the Regional Park. The volcanic hard rock is evident in many outcrops and has made the land unworkable for agriculture and as such largely undisturbed for centuries. Later quarrying to use the same rock has also left big holes and rock faces and a wide range of habitats in a very small area, a Lake District in miniature.

All are invited to a public event to bring those involved, other members of the community and others with an interest in geology together to learn more about Charnwood’s remarkable geoheritage.

The online event, open to all, will be hosted by Dr Jack Matthews of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History who assisted in pulling together the final presentation .

The event will begin with a talk outlining the wonderful geological heritage within the region, and then provide more information about how the community could work together over the coming years to protect and interpret it.

It will consider the opportunities presented by the forthcoming now funded Landscape Partnership Scheme to enhance geological conservation and the potential for future protective designation.

There will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, register your interest, and also engage with others involved with the Charnwood Forest Regional Park, who have been working together to celebrate the region’s geological history.

To join this free online event 10.00am June 10th , please click the link below to register:

Roy Denney

Board Member Charnwood Forest Regional Park

This is a public event so please do forward this invitation on to anyone that you think may be interested, including to your own mailing lists and social networks. We would be delighted for you to join us.

Beacon Hill March 2020

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