Thornton – Scarecrow Festival-cancelled

**Scarecrow festival 2020 cancelled**
Unfortunately due to government guidelines we have taken the decision to cancel this year’s scarecrow festival.

Even though the guidelines may ease by September these uncertain times make it difficult to plan and assure things are in place to protect villagers and visitors.

We know the effect it has had with visitors visiting the reservoir and parking in our small village; it really will be impossible to assure guidelines are able to be followed.

Local villages around Thornton have cancelled, therefore if we continue it may bring more visitors because we would be one of the only scarecrow festivals happening this year.

Even though this would be lovely for businesses I’m sure you’ll agree an influx of visitors isn’t what we want / need at this time.

Our main priority is ALL of our villagers; we have a lot of older, vulnerable and shielded residents so need to make sure we keep them and ourselves safe and continue doing what we are doing.

Thank you to everyone who got in touch with me about entering this year, we hope you will enter again next year.
Watch out 2021 Thornton Scarecrow festival is coming for you!

Sam Newman

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