Community Foundation Coronavirus Support Fund

Community Foundation Coronavirus Support Fund

In light of the news yesterday of a return to lockdown following a spike in Coronavirus cases in Leicester we wanted to make you aware that our Coronavirus Support Fund is still open and accepting applications

We are keen to support charitable organisations within Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland who are continuing to support our most vulnerable groups at this time!

You can apply for up to £10,000 if you are helping:

  • Older people (over the age of 70) not otherwise supported
  • Vulnerable people with medical conditions, including mental health difficulties.
  • People who are isolated and lack a support network
  • People with low or insecure incomes e.g. having to claim universal credit or use food banks
  • People facing domestic violence
  • People facing other emergency needs not met by other organisations.

We are aware that some groups are getting ready to begin some face to face contact and we understand how challenging this maybe and are aware that you may need additional resources, staffing hours, volunteer on costs, PPE etc. to enable you to do this.

Please visit our website for more detail and to apply

Whilst we cannot guarantee funding, we are keen to keep you updated on our open funding streams  

Kind regards

Louise Cotton

Grants Officer

Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation.

 Mob : 07496 179376

 We have set up the Leicestershire and Rutland Coronavirus Support Fund, for local charities and voluntary groups helping people and communities worst hit by the pandemic. You can donate or apply on our website:

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