Recent Crimes in Thornton

At 11.30pm last Friday night (6th Nov) thieves smashed down a metal field gate, a yard gate and barrier, with what must have been a heavy vehicle, to steal a horse trailer from Markfield Lane, Thornton.

Neighbours in Main Street heard the noise and could see activity and lights, so they sent a text message to a person whom they knew to keep horses in the area, but the owner missed the message. The trailer was seen being towed away by a white van. This was a ‘noisy’ crime late at night in an otherwise very quiet village. Reported on Nextdoor by Meg Ashby.

Did you hear or see any unusual activity on Friday? Have you any relevant CCTV footage around that time? If so ring the police on the their non emergency number 101.


Over the weekend of the 25th October forced entry to the fire door at the rear of the Reservoir Inn was discovered and reported as a non urgent crime (by internet. A number of discarded empty cans had been left inside the premises. The agent was notified to arrange for the premises to be secured. Two days earlier a small window at the side had been smashed. A number of discarded empty cans had been left inside the premises.

Nearby neighbours on Main Street were alerted by Whatsapp to the crime and shortly afterwards spotted youths going through the pub car park. They notified the police immediately, who sent three cars to the area, but unfortunately they just missed them, presumably making good their escape via the footpath at the rear.

Any unusual activity in the village is worth noting, jot down ‘white van’ numbers, take photographs, check your CCTV, immediately post your suspicions on Nextdoor and the Thornton FB page to warn others to be vigilant.

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