Visit the Remembrance Poppy Cross in the churchyard this weekend

We  invite you to make use of our ‘Poppy Cross Prayer Station’ as a place to lay a poppy, or tie a ribbon and say an individual prayer of remembrance. You can visit the Poppy Cross, situated at the top of St Peter’s  new churchyard, while out on your daily exercise between 8th and 11th November . 

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, very sadly we will not be able to hold  the usual Service of Remembrance in church.

Covid19 – Response team update (Helen Crouch)

Tuesdays: Bagworth response will still have the outdoor market weekly with all the COVID social distancing in place.

Tuesday Food bank collection day for Thornton, Bagworth & Stanton daytime and evening. Prearranged by just calling us to sort If you can’t leave the house again we can discuss on the phone or in a message.

Book exchange will also happen on a Tuesday at the market.

Prescriptions please contact your surgery to get your prescriptions.

The response team will not be collecting your prescriptions this time as they can deliver and you can still drive to collect (they will bring them to your car) or someone in your own bubble can collect.

Out of work, haven’t got food to feed you or your children?

Please call or message the Response team confidentially on 07947 590241 or contact us through or leave Helen a note with the fruit and veg stall on a Tuesday, with your phone number.

Please keep a look out for family, friends and neighbours that are struggling.

MIND has a helpline: 0300 123 3011 Mon to Friday 9am to 6pm or call the Covid Response team 24/7 on 07947 590241 if you need help or just a chat.

Stay safe, follow the ever changing rules.

Remembrance Sunday clap on the door step will still be able to go ahead too

Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council

Serving the people of Bagworth, Merry Lees and Thornton.
Notice is hereby given a meeting of Bagworth and Thornton Parish Council will be held on Monday 9th November 2020.

Virtually starting at 7.00pm for the transaction of the business detailed on the agenda below.
Members of the Full Council are summoned to attend. The public and media are cordially invited to attend.

Contact:- Clerk: Ms Ann Murray, Bagworth Community Centre, Station Road, Bagworth, Coalville, LE67 1BH – for information on how to join the virtual meeting.

Telephone: 07580 574093 Email:


  1. To received written report from County Councillor.
  2. To received written reports from Borough Councillors.
  3. Questions from Members of the public to the Parish Council only, regarding items on the
    agenda (maximum 10 minutes, 3 minutes per person) – Questions can be submitted prior to
    meeting by forwarding them to the Clerk.
  4. Apologies for absence.
  5. To receive declarations of pecuniary interest from Members on matter pertaining to the agenda.
  6. To receive and approve requests for dispensation from Members on matters in which they have
    a disclosable pecuniary interest.
  7. Planning:
    a. Road Closure Station Road – mast
    b. 20/01049/CLE – Certificate of Lawful Existing Use -Clovelly, Merrylees Road, Thornton
    c. 20/00885/FUL Dropped Kerb 15 Highfields, Thornton
    d. Reservoir Inn, Thornton Update
  8. Resolution to approve minutes of previous meetings.
  9. Balance of accounts and budget year to date.
  10. Resolution to approve accounts for payment.
  11. To receive correspondence
  12. Neighbourhood Plan Update
  13. Matters arising – (not for debate or resolution)
  14. Next virtual meeting is to be held on Monday 5th December 2020

Community centre closure

No sooner was I boasting, just one short week ago, that the community centre was open for business and with some exciting new ventures; in order to comply with the new 4 week lockdown, announced by the government last Saturday, we have had to close down again.

Thereby the trustees decided unanimously to close the hall until the 1st January 2021 .

The exception was to be the  opening of the Main Hall on Saturday 5th December to allow for the Luke Jackson Charity to be  administered, however the trustees of the charity have now decided to defer payments until the new year.

Whilst all other classes have had to cease, as per government guidance, the playschool will remain open.

Ingrid has cancelled her Wednesday afternoon art class until further notice.

Daniel held his Tuesday Zumba Class yesterday and that will be his last one for the foreseeable future.

Matt Elliott Sports is closing down ALL community Sports Activities until next year.  

Likewise there will be no karate sessions this year.

For the latest government guidelines and restrictions from Thursday 5th November 2020 follow this link to the relevant government webpages.

Poppy trail

Take part in St Peter’s Church poppy trail around the Churchyard 5th-11th November.

* Hunt the poppies

* discover interesting facts

* for all ages

* free entry

one way system in operation