Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council

Serving the people of Bagworth, Merry Lees and Thornton.
Notice is hereby given a meeting of Bagworth and Thornton Parish Council will be held on Monday 9th November 2020.

Virtually starting at 7.00pm for the transaction of the business detailed on the agenda below.
Members of the Full Council are summoned to attend. The public and media are cordially invited to attend.

Contact:- Clerk: Ms Ann Murray, Bagworth Community Centre, Station Road, Bagworth, Coalville, LE67 1BH – for information on how to join the virtual meeting.

Telephone: 07580 574093 Email:


  1. To received written report from County Councillor.
  2. To received written reports from Borough Councillors.
  3. Questions from Members of the public to the Parish Council only, regarding items on the
    agenda (maximum 10 minutes, 3 minutes per person) – Questions can be submitted prior to
    meeting by forwarding them to the Clerk.
  4. Apologies for absence.
  5. To receive declarations of pecuniary interest from Members on matter pertaining to the agenda.
  6. To receive and approve requests for dispensation from Members on matters in which they have
    a disclosable pecuniary interest.
  7. Planning:
    a. Road Closure Station Road – mast
    b. 20/01049/CLE – Certificate of Lawful Existing Use -Clovelly, Merrylees Road, Thornton
    c. 20/00885/FUL Dropped Kerb 15 Highfields, Thornton
    d. Reservoir Inn, Thornton Update
  8. Resolution to approve minutes of previous meetings.
  9. Balance of accounts and budget year to date.
  10. Resolution to approve accounts for payment.
  11. To receive correspondence
  12. Neighbourhood Plan Update
  13. Matters arising – (not for debate or resolution)
  14. Next virtual meeting is to be held on Monday 5th December 2020

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