Community centre closure

No sooner was I boasting, just one short week ago, that the community centre was open for business and with some exciting new ventures; in order to comply with the new 4 week lockdown, announced by the government last Saturday, we have had to close down again.

Thereby the trustees decided unanimously to close the hall until the 1st January 2021 .

The exception was to be the  opening of the Main Hall on Saturday 5th December to allow for the Luke Jackson Charity to be  administered, however the trustees of the charity have now decided to defer payments until the new year.

Whilst all other classes have had to cease, as per government guidance, the playschool will remain open.

Ingrid has cancelled her Wednesday afternoon art class until further notice.

Daniel held his Tuesday Zumba Class yesterday and that will be his last one for the foreseeable future.

Matt Elliott Sports is closing down ALL community Sports Activities until next year.  

Likewise there will be no karate sessions this year.

For the latest government guidelines and restrictions from Thursday 5th November 2020 follow this link to the relevant government webpages.

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