Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton Under Bardon Neighbourhood Plan

About the plan

Strategic environmental assessment screening determination – October 2020

The purpose of a screening statement is to set out a screening opinion in relation to whether a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is required to accompany the development of a neighbourhood plan. The screening statement is also consulted, and three statutory consultation bodies are to give their opinion on whether a SEA is required.

The Borough Council has issued a SEA screening report and determination in relation to the draft Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton Under Bardon Neighbourhood Plan. The screening determination is that a strategic environmental assessment and habitat regulations assessment of the Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton Under Bardon Neighbourhood Plan is not required due to there being no adverse comments from the statutory consultation bodies and for the reasons set out in the Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton Under Bardon strategic environmental assessment screening statement.

The documents can be downloaded below:

Designation of the neighbourhood area – June 2017

In June 2017, the parishes of Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton Under Bardon submitted an application to designate a joint neighbourhood area in order to prepare a neighbourhood development plan to cover both parishes. The public consultation ran for six weeks, between Friday 4 August 2017 and Friday 15 September 2017, on whether this was an appropriate area to designate for the purpose of undertaking a neighbourhood development plan.

Following the consultation, the Borough Council formally designated the Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton Under Bardon Neighbourhood Area for the purpose of producing a neighbourhood development plan.

For more information on the Neighbourhood Development Plan, including how you can get involved visit the Bagworth, Thornton and Stanton Under Bardon Neighbourhood plan website ( or contact the Parish Council.

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