Wanted – Local Tradespeople

Local tradespeople – Thornton & Merrylees

Some of our more senior residents have asked if it would be possible to create a list of local tradespeople.

It can be quite daunting to find reliable, trustworthy people to carry out work, especially in these very uncertain times.

They were asking if we could organise a ‘go to’ list that could include plumbers, electricians, decorators, builders, architects, gardeners, IT experts, dressmakers, cleaners, artists, taxis, chimney sweeps, podiatrists, beauticians, hairdressers and much more, but keep it ‘in house’ using the services (where possible) of other residents in Thornton and Merrylees.   

See the source image

It was agreed that the ideal platform to advertise and list such services locally is on the existing Thornton village website.   www.thorntonvillage.org

If you would like to advertise your business, whether you are part of a company or a sole trader and live in Thornton or Merrylees; then please contact me and I will enter your details on a new page to be created on the website.  Email: –  thorntonvillage@aol.com

By return email I will ask you to complete a short proforma, listing your contact details, services offered and any professional qualifications etc.

There is no charge for advertising, the website is not for commercial gain, but was set up purely for the benefit of the residents. (However, we may make a very small charge or ask for donations in the future to help pay for the annual costs of website hosting and domain name renewal).

If you know of anyone who has their own business who may be interested, and is not on Nextdoor or Facebook then please let them know.

Following on from this we are looking into creating a Good Neighbours scheme – similar to the one in Desford –  www.desfordgns.org.uk

If we feel this is a possibility more information and a request for volunteers will be published at a later date.

For those Nextdoor members residing in Thornton – don’t forget to join the separate ‘Thornton Community’ group on Nextdoor.

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