Thornton Reservoir – Social distancing

Market Bosworth police issued a warning over lack of social distancing and bad parking at Thornton Reservoir over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th February.

Their request for visitors to Thornton Reservoir to stay at home to comply with the coronavirus restrictions went unheeded.

Thornton reservoir has been ‘discovered’ and the chaotic, inconsiderate and dangerous parking is now the norm most days of the week, but especially at weekends, come rain or shine.

The large groups flocking to the reservoir, together with bicycles racing along the tracks, dogs off lead, and the many parking issues on Reservoir Road and throughout the village are ruining this once idyllic haven for local wildlife and making life a misery for the residents.

It is no longer a safe space to visit, and local residents have been forced to leave the village to take their exercise.

Despite numerous representations to the various agencies involved, including Severn Trent, the council, the police, MP, local council, parish council etc. no one will take ownership of the problems and the situation continues to go from bad to worse.

Copyright Gillatphotography
Copyright Gillatphotography
Copyright Gillatphotography
Reservoir Rd, Thornton – Photograph courtesy Gillatphotography (copyright applies)

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