Sponsored Walk for Thornton Community Centre

Seven year old Thornton resident, Katie Smith has decided she would like to do something for the village during the pandemic, and has chosen to raise money for the Community Centre.

Katie says..

“Lots of things happen at the centre including playgroup that I attended when I was little, as well as a lot of other village events. These things have not been able to happen during the pandemic so I would like to raise as much money as possible to support the centre of our village.

I will try to walk with my mummy and dog from the community centre to Bradgate park and back to the centre which is about 12 miles.

I am hoping to complete the walk in about 2/3 weeks time.

Any help reaching my goal would be very helpful. Thankyou”.

If you would like to sponsor Katie there is a collection tin in the Corner shop together with a sponsorship form.

A huge thank you Katie & Mum from the Trustees for the Community Centre – it is an old building which needs a lot of care and attention – we have urgent, costly roof repairs to consider and there is other much needed work in the pipeline which we have had to put ‘on hold’, so any contribution will be gratefully received..

See the source image

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