Thornton Seniors Christmas party

Last Saturday saw the welcome return of the Seniors Christmas party at the Community Centre. This annual event has been held for many years in the village.

Last year because of the Covid lockdown instead of the party, pensioners in the village were treated to a much appreciated Christmas hamper each.

It was so lovely to see the hall decked out for a party, together with the theatre group’s Christmas tree on stage. The tables looked magnificent, each with a table decoration (not to mention a bottle of Cava).

Copyright – Gillatphotography

The doors opened at 4pm and people were buzzing as they came in, obviously excited at the thought of ‘normality’ and meeting up with other residents they hadn’t seen for some time.

Fifty one residents were served with a glorious afternoon tea of sandwiches, nibbles, delicious puddings and cakes, all washed down with copious amounts of tea interspersed with Cava and bottles of wine.

Raffle tickets were purchased and after the tables were cleared the prizes were drawn. There must have been about 20 raffle prizes all kindly donated mainly by the ‘helpers’ and their families and some brought by the party goers – although well wrapped, most looked like bottles and I don’t mean milk bottles!

Food and prizes sorted – the band, Go Daddy Daddy, were set up and ready to go. The party got started with a bit of ‘rock and roll’, by ‘dancing the night away’ to the Mavericks, and all the favourite songs from our ‘youth’. Zimmer frames were parked, sticks abandoned, creaking hips and dodgy knees ignored, nothing was going to stop everyone having a good time. After such a horrid 20 months it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves.

Copyright – Gillatphotography

To show our appreciation for all the effort and hard work of Maureen and Angeline and their 6 helpers there was a ‘whip round’ for the ‘girls’ which raised £120. Unsurprisingly they refused to accept this, but instead the money will be put towards next years party – enough for two bottles of Cava per table!!

Copyright – Gillatphotography

Here’s to the next one. If you would like to help in anyway or make a donation or gift a raffle prize – email: –

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