Poppy Appeal 2021

Bagworth, Markfield, Stanton under Bardon and Thornton

By Liz Mitchell

This is the Centenary year of both the Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal.

One hundred years ago, veterans were begging in the streets and surviving on hand-outs and soup kitchens. The fabric of our society had been wrecked by WWI, and the health and social care that we take for granted today did not exist then.

The Legion began its life to meet an immediate need to support the returning veterans and their families. Today the Royal British Legion is the largest military charity and has Remembrance, welfare and campaigning at the heart of all we do. We have a network of members that works nationwide to educate all members of the community and to keep the act of Remembrance alive all year round.

The collections and donations from our four villages this year totalled £2,947.06. The schools in our area raised a total of £1,218.63, which is exceptional. Every penny that was raised through this collection will go directly to welfare. My thanks go to all the school staff, pupils, parents, villagers, businesses, Markfield WI, youth organisations and the Parish Councils that have helped in the Poppy Appeal this year.

Published by the Herald – December 2021

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