Thornton, St Peter’s churchyard working party

FOSP (Friends of St Peter’s) are tidying the boundary on the North side of the field below the new churchyard and the bit that sticks out and faces West.

They would like to clear right back to the tree line that forms the boundary. 

And then at some stage employ someone with a mini digger to move/spread out the soil/clay bank that has been formed by the grave diggers over the years.

The working parties always meet on a Saturday between 10am and 12noon,

The dates for the next three working parties are:

29th October 2022

12th November 2022

3rd December 2022 for tree planting. 

There are at least 7 trees to plant thanks to HBBC.

Volunteers started clearing brambles, ivy and dead branches last Saturday, and made excellent progress. 

Thank you to everyone who helped. 

This week the field was mown by the contractors, and it is now clear what needs doing!!

It would be great if you were to come along and help, even if it’s just for one party and 10 minutes!

You would need to bring gardening gloves, any tools you think you might like to use and a drink.

Thank you

Shirley Garlick (Church warden)

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