Remember, remember – the 9th of November

Thornton Tea with a Twist – 3Ts Wednesday afternoon teas.

Wednesday 9th November,  2 to 4 pm

Hope you will be able to join us on Wednesday at Thornton Community Centre for a cuppa, cake and time to chat. 

Jigsaws, and board games, books, jigsaw ‘library’.  

A small play area for young families.

Just pop in and spend some time in happy surroundings.

If you would like to help with these Wednesdays, even for just the odd one, please do let me know.

Organised by the village for the villagers.

For more information contact me, Shirley, on 01530 230 422 or email

Look forward to seeing you.

Future dates: 23rd November and 14th December.

Special treat on 14th December –

We will be entertained by a string quartet, playing Christmas music. 

A treat not to miss.

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