The Markfield and Thornton theatre group


The Group will be performing “ GOING GREEN” by David Tristram from Wednesday 17th to Saturday 20th MAY 2023 at Thornton Community Centre at 7.30 p.m. nightly.

In choosing “ Going Green” , a tragicomedy, as our next production, we know that we have set our cast a huge challenge as the actors cope with the fast-paced dialogue and the various scenarios called for on stage.

Years ago, the word “green” seemed quite an ordinary one. We were encouraged to eat our “greens” and to count the bottles hanging on the wall- but that was about it! Now, however, the word has quite a different connotation when “going green” involves living an environmentally responsible life, and making choices that will help to preserve the Earth and its non-renewable resources instead of destroying them.

As the play opens, people have lost faith in the political establishment – worn down by expenses scandals, cash for questions, fat-cat bankers, austerity and riots. The whole country is crying out for a new direction, a fresh start. Step forward John Brown -future leader of the Green Party. John gives a blistering speech at the annual conference and the party faithful rise as one to greet their hero as John stands to deliver his stark message to the waiting world – “Go green …. or die”. Can this charismatic, driven man save the future ? That is debatable because John is hiding a terrible secret… one which will have surprising consequences.
We hope that you will come to discover what those consequences are. We promise to keep you wondering, guessing, and laughing too!

Tickets, (All £6), are on sale now and are available on 07438508166 or email
Your support for your local Group is much appreciated.

Muriel Walker for MTTG

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