The National Forest Trek

Friday 17th – Sunday 19th September

The National Forest Trek is a one, two, or three-day charity challenge walk, across the 12 stages and 75 miles of the National Forest Way.

Participants can choose between raising money for the three founding charities, or for a charity of their choice for a cause close to them.

Alternatively, the event is also open to those who would prefer to fund their own entry.

If you are a charity interested in getting involved in the event, please contact us on to find out more.


As the walk progresses from Beacon hill and leaves Bradgate Park, the next section of the Trek takes you out of the ancient Forest of Charnwood and towards one of the largest continuous tracts of woodland in The National Forest. The route takes you through Martinshaw Wood, where coniferous woodland is being replaced with native species, and on through a variety of young and mature woodlands.

From the wonder of woodland to the serenity of water and, more specifically, Thornton Reservoir. This attractive and tranquil expanse of water is a delightful spot to pause along the route of the Trek. Make a point to return and if you chose to take the three-mile surfaced path around the reservoir, don’t miss the sculpture trail hidden amongst the mature woodland.

The ‘trekkers’ will take refreshments at Thornton Community Centre

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