Those of you who live with seven-year-olds will know that they are very prone to asking unusual questions at odd moments! One such question surprised Matt and Kaylee Smith, of Thornton, when their daughter suddenly asked, “Please can I do a sponsored walk for the Community Centre?”

Mum Kaylee says that she had no idea what out the idea into Katie’s head. “She loves the village, and for, a little girl, is very community-minded, but where this idea came from, we can only wonder!”

Katie already had the suggested route in her head… from the doorstep of Thornton Community Centre to Bradgate Park and back again. Mum and Dad pointed out that it is rather a long walk when you’re only seven, but Katie, who loves the outdoor life, was adamant that she could do it.

So, in April, arrangements were made. As you can imagine, the Thornton Centre Trustees were absolutely delighted to agree to the proposed event. Sponsorship details were clarified and excitement in the Smith household grew daily.

The day, (10th April 2021), dawned drizzly; but, nothing daunted, Kaylee , accompanied by Mum and canine member of the family, Elmo, set off early in the morning. I understand that Katie smiled all the way… striding forth with no complaints and only one stop at Newtown Linford for a well-earned ice-cream.

Katie and Mum Kaylee set out from the Community centre
Katie leaving the reservoir behind
Katie, Kaylee and Elmo reach Bradgate Park.

It was a wonderful effort and Katie raised £500 for the Centre!

We did intend to arrange a “handing over of the cheque” ceremony, so that we could publicly acknowledge this little girl’s generosity. However, Covid restrictions put paid to that.

So, herewith,  the Trustees of Thornton Centre would like to express their gratitude to Katie and her very supportive family, and also to those who sponsored the walk.


Muriel Walker (for the Trustees of Thornton Community Centre)

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